Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/13 - Raton, NM

Jim and I went to the range this morning.  He sighted in his new Hi-Point 9mm carbine.  Then we shot his 38 revolver and 9mm pistol.  Then we went to the gift shop and I bought my son a cap.  We walked through the Whittington NRA Museum that has a good variety of different guns, most of them really old.  We stopped at the point where a branch of the Santa Fe Trail came through this area.  There is a life size statue called “The Scout”.  It is Charleston Heston on a horse.  We had not had lunch so we went back to the Casita and ate a sandwich around 3pm.  Then Jim wanted to go back to the range and shoot at the metal chicken and pig targets.  Afterward he cleaned the rifle and we had a salad for supper.

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