Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/6/13 - Oklahoma City, OK

After breakfast this morning we drove to Kim and Steve’s house.  Steve had to work today so Kim, Jim and I went to Martin Nature Center.  We walked two of the trails and went to the visitor center.  There were two geocaches there and we found both of them.  One was really easy and the other one took four of us to look for it.  Jim was the one who finally found it.  We went back to their house and met Steve there for lunch.  Steve went back to work and Kim, Jim and I went downtown to see the Land Run of 1889 Memorial.  This is a group of 45 large (one and a half times life size) bronze statues commemorating the opening of Oklahoma Territory Indian lands to settlers.  The land run participants are frozen in motion as they rush to claim their homesteads.  This monument is really impressive and the level of detail is incredible.  Jim’s grandfather was in the Cherokee Strip land run of 1893.

Next door was Bass Pro so we went in and looked around.  Then Kim directed us to Tap Works.  This is a bar with a very large selection of really good beers.  She wanted to show us a bar around the corner called Skinny Slims.  This bar is in a flat iron shaped building -- it’s really narrow on one end and the other end isn’t much wider.  We walked back around the corner and went into Bricktown Brewery,  Steve joined us there.  I wanted to go to Leo’s BBQ that was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, so we drove there for supper.  We stopped at Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies.  We all got different flavored fried pies to go and went back to their house.  We watched “Two Headed Shark Attack” on SYFY.

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