Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9/16/13 - Dayton, TX

We left camp, drove to Liberty and stopped to see mother at the nursing home.  Then we took the Casita to the house in Dayton and unloaded.  There was some rain half way to Houston and the traffic through town was awful.  We got home and unloaded the Silverado and went to have a beer at Whole Foods.  Tomorrow we will wash the truck, clean the backyard flowerbeds and I have about 6 loads of clothes, including mothers.  We will go through all the mail my son gave us.  And the house needs to be cleaned. We’re back to normal everyday life.

     10,474  -       Miles driven
    83   -      Days gone
    81    -      Breweries/brewpubs visited
    24   -      National parks/monuments visited
    21  -       California missions visited (all of them)
    8  -       Diners, Drive-ins and Dives visited
       8,768  -       Pictures taken
$1,564.01   -     Camping fees paid  (an average of $18.84 per night)
$2,335.59   -     Gas cost (an average of $28.14 per day)

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