Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11/13 - Dallas, Texas

Today is the 12th anniversary of 9-11.  We drove into George W. Bush’s Library in Dallas on the SMU campus.  They had some special exhibits and movies pertaining to 9-11 in their classrooms today.  We walked through the library and saw the replica of the Oval Office during Bush’s term.  In the library there was a section on 9-11 that contained some of the metal girder from one of the twin towers.  Channel 5 NBC from Dallas was there and interviewed me in the special artifacts exhibit.  They took video of my presidents t-shirt that I was wearing and my sparkly sequin red, white and blue cap.  They also wanted me to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.   You can see their video on the link below.  I show up towards the end of the video at 1:27.  If the link doesn't work, a video we took off our trailer TV is also posted below.

When we finished at the library, we drove to a good beer bar.  We have already been to the brewpubs that you can visit in Dallas.  There are quite a few microbreweries but they don’t offer samples except on weekends.  You have to go to a bar to buy them.  I called Peticolas Brewing and he told be to try Craft & Growler fairly close to the Bush Library.  We drove there and had a Grandbury, Texas beer – Revolver, Blood & Honey; Ft. Worth, Texas – Martin House, Pretzel Stout; Dallas – Community, Mosaic IPA; Dallas – Peticolas, Velvet Hammer.  We got back to the Casita at 5:01 and turned the TV on.  They did play part of my interview at the Bush Library.  I told mother that I sure sounded like a country hick, she laughed really hard.  At 6 pm they shortened the news clip and the interviews with a teacher and me weren’t on there.  But they did show me walking by the exhibit.  I cooked supper and we listened to it thunder (but it didn't rain).  There was another pretty sunset.

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